The study found that 69% of Australians spend time contemplating their retirement savings, while 70% have a good understanding of how their superannuation can help them reach their financial goals. Despite this, 20% feel slightly prepared and 11% do not feel prepared at all to tackle unexpected personal finance challenges.

Interestingly, the research also reveals that almost four in five Australians (79%) have a rough idea of their superannuation fund balance. Furthermore, a significant number of individuals aged 18-42 (13% for 18-27, and 14% for 28-42) and aged 43-76 (20% for 43-57, and 16% for 58-76) make additional personal contributions to their super funds.

Mark Oliver, the Chief Distribution Officer and Head of Superannuation at Insignia, emphasizes the need for additional support in achieving financial freedom. He states, "While it is widely known that superannuation requires ongoing attention, the industry has a responsibility to empower members to feel confident about their superannuation and overall financial wellbeing. Waiting until retirement age to provide relevant tools, information, education, and advice is simply too late, especially considering the five million Australians nearing retirement."

In light of the ongoing debate surrounding the Quality of Advice Review (QAR) proposal, which grants more advisory power to super funds, Oliver expresses his support for the initiative. He believes expanding the personal advice offer by superannuation funds is a positive step forward in helping members effectively plan for retirement, despite concerns raised by some financial advisers about preservation of advice standards. Oliver acknowledges that financial advice requirements exist on a continuum, and expanding the scope of advice within superannuation will better meet these needs.