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Home Contents Insurance Calculator

Choosing a replacement value for your Contents Insurance

To determine your contents sum insured, enter the Estimated Value for each applicable item.

The items shown serve as a guide only in calculating the replacement value for your contents. Click the "Calculate Total" button at the end to obtain an estimate of the replacement value of your contents.

General Items

Carpets/Rugs $ Clocks $
Curtains/Interior Blinds $ Linen $
Pictures/Mirrors $ Other $
Wall Hangings $


Toiletries/Make Up/Medicines $ Hairdryer $
Bathroom Scales $ Shaver $
Towels $ Other $


Lounge Suite $ Books/Bookcases $
Dining Suite $ Television $
Wall Units $ Video Recorder $
Dinner Services $ Sound Equipment $
Glassware $ Piano/Organ $
Cutlery $ Wine/Spirits $
Table Linen $ Coffee Table $
Ornaments/Lamps $ Other $


Note: Include All Bedrooms
Beds $ Personal Effects $
Bedding $ Books $
Lamps $ Toys/Games $
Clothing $ Other $

Study/Family Room

Furniture $ Musical Instruments $
Personal Computer $ Hobby Equipment $
Books $ Television $
Sound Equipment $ Other $


Refrigerator/Freezer $ Foodstuffs $
Microwave Oven $ Washing Machine $
Dishwasher $ Clothes Dryer $
Other Appliances $ Furniture $
Crockery/Cutlery/Glassware $ Television $
Pots/Pans/Ovenware $ Other $

Storage Area

Luggage $ Other
Stored Items $

Garden Areas

Barbeque $ Pool Equipment
Outdoor Furniture $ Leisure Equipment
Above Ground Pool $ Other $


Lawn Mower/Garden Items $ Camping Equipment
Cycles $ Leisure Equipment
Tools $ Other

Plus Other Items Such As:(known as Special Limit items)

Jewellery $ Photographic Equipment $
Furs $ Portable Video Equipment $
Watches $ Binoculars $
Gold and Silver Objects $ Firearms $
Documents or Collections $ Computer Software & Games $
Pictures, Portraits, Works of Art $ CDs, Records or Tapes $
Other $

Total replacement value of your Household Contents

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