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  • Insurance rates and options from Australia's leading and best-rated Insurers.
  • Compare Australia's best income protection and life insurance quotes for your family or business protection.
  • Access the best farm insurance rates and options for farm buildings, equipment, farm vehicles, livestock, crops & more.
  • Save on your business insurance, public liability or professional indemnity insurance premiums.
  • Compare personal insurances including home & contents, car insurance, boats, caravans, life, health & disability insurance.
  • Full broker service available from a panel of over 500 insurance specialists across Australia.
Need a Quick Insurance Quote?
What type of insurance do you need?

Need a Quick Insurance Quote?
What type of insurance do you need?

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If you are shopping around for the best insurance rates and options, then you've come to the right place.

We'll help you compare rates and options for:

  • life insurance,
  • income protection,
  • trauma cover,
  • farm insurance,
  • business or commercial insurance,
  • car insurance,
  • home & contents,
  • public liability,
  • professional indemnity,
  • travel insurance
  • ... and more.

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Best insurance rates

Online Insurance quotes are sourced from a panel of of over 500 Specialist Insurance Brokers across Australia.

That gives you access to the lowest insurance rates researched from an exhaustive range of Australia's leading and best known insurers.

In many cases, our Insurance Brokers have access to special or wholesale insurance rates that are cheaper than available from direct insurers.

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Specialist insurance broker service

Whilst insurance brokers will invariably save you money on your initial insurance premium, you can expect that your broker will review your needs and premium rates annually and keep you up-to-date with new insurance policy benefits or options that may be appropriate to you.

Additionally, when you ever need to make a claim on your insurance policy, your Insurance Broker is you first point of contact ... saving you a considerable amount of time, money and stress.

Your Insurance Broker will also provide advice to help you in making insurance-related decisions.

When you use an Insurance Broker for all of your insurance needs, you will have one point of personal contact for multiple insurance companies.

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Insurance Calculators

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Our financial calculators are provided for your free use on this website and are designed to remove some of the guess-work to help you make informed financial decisions.
Insurance calculators

Please note that some of our calculators may use assumptions that are not necessarily applicable to your current specific circumstances and we therefore cannot always guarantee their accuracy. You should always seek professional financial advice from a licensed professional before proceeding with any financial recommendations.

Term Life Insurance [click]
Calculate the amount of life insurance protection you need to meet your objectives.

Income Protection Calculator [click]
Our income insurance calculator estimates the monthly income insurance benefit that you can buy.

Contents Insurance Calculator [click]
Use our home and contents insurance calculator for a room by room evaluation of your household contents and personal effects.

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If you have an income protection insurance plan already - or are thinking about buying one, then you need to be aware that these policies require regular maintenance and careful scrutiny to ensure that they adequately meet your needs. Unfortunately, many people purchase income protection insurance policies only to find out about their shortcomings at claim time.

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