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Last Updated: Sunday, 1st August, 7:25PM

ASX All Ords 7664.2 -0.40%
ASX 200 7392.6 -0.33%
NZX 50 12587.36 -1.11%
Dow Jones 34938.17 -0.42%
NASDAQ 14676.755 -0.69%
FTSE 7035.41 -0.61%
Hang Seng 25961.03 -1.35%
NIKKEI 225 27282.14 -1.80%
DAX 15559.58 -0.52%
Commodities & Futures.

Last Updated: Sunday, 1st August, 7:25PM

Oil 73.62 +0.00%
Gold 1831.2 +0.00%
Silver 25.782 +0.00%
S&P Futures 4381.75 -0.68%
Dow Futures 34869 -0.30%
NASDAQ Fut. 14859.25 -1.19%
Russell2000 2226.7 -0.48%
10YR Bonds 1.2689999 +0.00%
Vix 17.4 -4.97%

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