With gas and food prices on the rise, its time to start saving money any way you can.

To start saving money you need to sit down and take a look at what you are currently paying for everyday services you use. Are you paying to much for certain services? Can you get a comparable service for a better price?

The answer to these questions for most is a definite YES.

Ways to save:

1. Credit Cards - What are the current interest rates on your credit cards. Can you get a lower interest rate? As long as your credit is descent you can get a new credit card with a low or zero percent interest rate for 6 to 12 months and transfer your balances to the new credit card. This can save you thousands of dollars a year if you have large balances. For instance: $10,000 at 25% is $2500 dollars a year in interest. Switch to 0% and save $2500 a year or over $200 a month.

2. Home Phone and Long Distance - If you have not switched to a VOIP provider yet you are throwing away your money. VOIP which stands for voice over internet protocol is a long distance service that uses your internet connection as a phone. I switched my home phone and fax line to a VOIP provider and saved over $75 a month.

3. Auto Insurance - Have you shopped for auto insurance lately? You can save hundreds a year by switching from your current insurance provider. Just take a few minutes to see how much you can save. There are a few websites that will provide you with auto insurance quotes from different insurance companies.

4. Cell Phone - Cell phone companies are always offering great deals. Look at your current cell phone bill and then look for a better rate. Combine all your cell phones to a family plan or business plan. If you have not changed your cell plan in a while you could save $20 - $40 a month.

5. Internet Access - How much are you paying for your internet access? Are you paying to much just to keep your email address? Shopping around for a new internet service provider could save you $10 - $15 a month.

6. Use Coupons - A great way to save money is to use coupons and find deals. Never pay mall prices again. Shopping on the internet is safe and can save you money. Most stores have coupons and discounts. Shopping on the web also saves you from paying sales tax and most stores offer free shipping. Using the net to shop and using coupons can save you thousands a year.

Take a few hours one night and see how much you can save.