With a wealth of experience accrued within Club Marine, starting from his origins as a junior underwriter back in 2007, Wiles has ascended the corporate ladder demonstrating his versatility across multiple domains including underwriting, client services, technical affairs, and product development. His appointment promises to uphold consistency and stability following the departure of former CEO Karen Te Maipi.

Ms. Jenita Wijaya, Acting General Manager Agencies at Allianz Australia Insurance, lauded Wiles’s unwavering dedication and adept leadership qualities, expressing optimism for the future as the company embarks on an evolutionary path under his guidance.

For Wiles, the new position is not just a professional achievement but a personal milestone, aligning with his passionate engagement in the marine sphere. His stewardship over the past half year not only reflects skilled management but also embodies his deep-rooted connection to the aquatic world and enthusiasm for boating.

As he assumes the official CEO role, Wiles is poised to further the success of Club Marine, building upon its reputation as Australia's foremost provider of recreational boat insurance and steering the firm towards new horizons in service excellence and market growth.