Automating Tasks for Financial Planners

An Australian-based start-up,, is set to make its debut in the US market with its AI-powered technology. The platform aims to automate time-consuming tasks and provide personalized attention to financial planners' clients through AI.

Typically, these tasks are handled by paraplanners. However, due to a talent shortage in the advice profession that affects support staff as well as financial advisors, believes there will be a significant demand for their services.

"We're looking to automate a lot of the admin-heavy tasks from client onboarding to plan production and client engagement that financial planners shouldn't be focusing on," says Alex Gassner, the Chief Growth Officer at "By eliminating this type of work, they can dedicate their time to delivering value to clients and growing their business."

Gassner emphasizes that AI will continue to grow in significance within the finance industry, allowing professionals to concentrate on adding value and helping clients navigate complex financial decisions.

Supported by prominent US investor Antler, will initially target the US market. However, Gassner also plans to expand the platform to his home market in Australia.

Furthermore, ensures strict adherence to relevant laws, collaborating with legal experts and implementing a comprehensive quality control process.

Data security and privacy are top priorities for, according to Fauzi Fellal, the Chief Operating Officer. The platform follows established standards, prioritizes data processing, and actively participates in relevant events to promote responsible AI innovation.

Dash: AI-Backed Avatar for Personalized Advice

Dash, an end-to-end advice tech provider, takes a unique approach by utilizing an AI-backed avatar to present advice to clients while the advice itself is still prepared by a human adviser.

Andrew Whelan, the CEO of Dash, explains that the provider employs a digital Statements of Advice software platform to address scalability issues faced by advisers.

"Our advisers use AI to remove the presentation aspect, script the bot's speech, and utilize a deep fake program to make it appear like them," says Whelan.

Initial feedback indicates that existing clients either did not notice or did not mind that advisers did not personally deliver the advice. Dash is now reviewing every aspect of the financial planning process to identify areas where AI can improve efficiency.

While the industry already has optimizers that handle calculations and strategies, clients value the human touch at the core of financial planning, especially for comprehensive and sophisticated needs.

"When you have complex planning requirements, a human touch is essential," explains Whelan. "However, advisers struggle to build a business around comprehensive planning at a commercial rate. My expectation is that AI will simply enhance advisers' businesses."

Overall, AI-powered platforms like and Dash are revolutionizing financial advice by automating tasks, providing personalized attention, and leveraging AI to enhance the capabilities of financial professionals. Rather than replacing advisers, these technologies serve as invaluable tools to deliver more value to clients and grow their businesses.