If you own a home with a mortgage or an investment property with a mortgage you own the goose.  What you need to learn is how to get it to lay golden eggs!

What do you need to know to turn the goose into a golden egg laying monster?

  • Can you  meet  your mortgage repayments now?
  • Could you put over and above your normal payment little bit more into your mortgage payments?
What knowledge do you need?  Firstly understand there are TWO equities in a property
  •  The first one is your property equity.
  • The second is your mortgage equity.
Property equity is the difference between the value of your home and the 30 yr minimum payment line of your mortgage.  ( Get a mortgage broker to demonstrate that on software and calculators.)  The mortgage equity  is the golden egg waiting to be hatched.This is the amount that you can freely withdraw at any time; it represents the additional payments over your minimum payments plus compounded interest. 

There are Rules

These are the basic rules to the program
    1. Never use your property equity to invest in additional investments 
    2. Only your mortgage equity is to be used.  
    3. Learn the elements necessary to build wealth with a mortgage equity (see below).


  1. Putting a specific amount of money over and above the minimal monthly mortgage repayment into your mortgage every month.Feeding the goose
  2. This is to be done with consistency over time. If you don't feed the goose it wont produce optimum eggs.
  3. Your total focus is on the redraw mortgage equity figure in your mortgage not the mortgage balance. (the golden eggs)
  4. Your deposits into the mortgage must be without fees. (Get a mortgage broker to expain,don't go to a bank). Imagine the bank taking the feed for the goose and not allowing it to grow and lay golden eggs.
  5. Your  mortgage is constructed to allow you to withdraw the surplus of Mortgage equity created by the extra payment without fees. Imagine the bank taking a chunk of your egg.
  6. The money redrawn from your mortgage equity is used in investing in conservative positively geared income generating investments.  (get a financial planner)
  7. You apply the returns on your investment back to the mortgage to increase the speed you create mortgage equity.Let the goose eat its own eggs as it gets bigger and lays larger golden eggs.
How can you fail in the plan? Easy.  Don't put the extra money into the mortgage.  Now here comes the most common form of failure.We will see what we have left over at the end of the month and put that into the mortgage. It does not work. No one ever has money left over at the end of the month except if they plan to!  You will never get started. 
  • There is no slight of hand in building wealth.     
  • You create your own goose with the golden eggs. 
  • How many eggs do you want the goose to lay?   
  • You do the7 steps  over and over and over and over until you have all the wealth you want and need.  
  • The first step is to see your mortgage as a wealth creation tool. The goose that lays the golden eggs.