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Landlords Protection Insurance


home insurance australia home insurance comparison Australian home insurance compare home insurance


Landlords Insurance Quotes

Landlords insurance policies are an effective means of packaging the various household insurance needs of the residential property owner.

Landlords policies can vary significantly in their policy options and definitions ... as well as in their rates.

Compare Landlords insurance

If you need to compare landlords insurance quotes and options, you are in the right place!

We'll access some of Australia's leading and best rated Landlords Insurance specialists to offer you superior insurance solutions.

We help you find the best value landlords insurance in 3 simple steps ...

  1. complete the Landlords Protection Insurance Quote Questions below 

  2. click the [Quote Please] button at the end of the questionnaire

  3.  ... and a qualified insurance professional will personally prepare your landlords insurance quotes and recommendations.

Landlords Protection Insurance Quote Questions

Important: You must answer all questions in this form completely and accurately to enable your quotation/s and recommendation/s to be prepared.

Privacy: We respect your privacy - the information you provide will be used to negotiate your insurance quotes - and for no other purpose. See our privacy statement for more information.

Details of property to be insured:

Located in (Suburb/Town)
Located in (State)
Located in (Postcode)
Is the property Heritage listed? Yes No
Does it meet relevant cyclone standards? Yes No
Does it have reticulated water? (city/town supply) Yes No
Approx. year that home was built
What is the construction of the dwelling? (external walls)
What Fire Brigade service is available to the property?
How is the property occupied?
If you are the landlord, what is the weekly rent? $ (Type 'Nil' if not applicable)

Amounts to be insured:

The home (building) $ For assistance in calculating the insurable value of your home try our Building Calculator
Preferred building policy excess
The contents  $ To help establish your contents value please use our Contents Calculator
Preferred contents policy excess
Special risks (incl. away from premises) Special risks cover is an optional extension to your household insurance policy and is available only when the contents are insured



Specified jewellery


Mobile phones

$ (not for business use)

Portable computers

$ (not for business use)

Safe deposits


Video cameras

$ (not for business use)

Other specified items total

(typically, items in excess of $500 each in value will need to be specified for cover away from home)



Unspecified valuables

$ (typically items under $500 each will not need to be specified)

Security details:

Is the property in a Neighborhood Watch area? Yes No
Are you a Neighborhood Watch member? Yes                                  No
Do all external windows have  ... standard locks? ... or                                  key locks?
Do all external windows have  ... security screens, bars, grills or aluminium rollover shutters? ...                                  Yes No
Does the home have external louvre windows? Yes No
If yes, are they fitted with bars or grills? Yes No
Are all external doors fitted with

Double-key deadlocks

Single-key deadlocks or security doors

Standard locks

Do all external sliding doors have ... Patio bolts and/or security doors?

Standard locks only?

There are no external sliding doors

What burglar alarm/s are installed? Monitored alarm system

Audible local alarm

No alarm system

Is there a safe installed? Yes No
Please make any other comments you think relevant regarding home security.

Details of insured party/ies:

Name 1. 2.
Birth date 1. 2.
Retired Yes No Yes No
Pensioner Yes No Yes No

Your claims history:

How many years since you have made a claim on a home, contents or special risks insurance policy? (Type 'N/A' if not applicable)
How many claims in last 5 years? (Type 'Nil' if not applicable)
Please list any claims in the last 5 years including brief detail, amount claimed and approximate date of claim
What is the name of your current insurer for this property? (Type 'N/A' if not applicable)
What is your mortgage provider/s name 1st 2nd

Your contact details

Your name ...
Your Email address ...
Your daytime telephone ...
Your postal address ...

Now that you have completed the information on this form, simply click on the "Continue" button below, and we will forward your request to a qualified, licensed insurance professional who will contact you directly with recommendations.

Important: Please do NOT proceed to the next page if your enquiry is not genuine. This is a free service ONLY for members of the Australian public making genuine enquiries for insurance. By proceeding to the next page you are confirming that the information that you have provided above is complete and accurate and that you wish to receive free comparative quotes and options sourced from a big selection of Australia's leading and best rated insurance specialists.

Please Note: Deliberately providing false information in order to obtain a financial service is fraud.

Please send me a free monthly report packed with valuable information and insider tips to help me build and protect my financial security. 

home & contents insurance  



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