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Comparing Income Protection Insurance Rehabilitation Benefit Options

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Many income protection insurers include additional benefits under their policies to cover rehabilitation of a claimant.

These benefits are designed to help you get back into the workforce - and to help the insurer take you off their claim book!

Even where a policy does not make specific reference to rehabilitation benefits, it is in their interest to do whatever they can to relieve themselves of the liability presented by long-term income insurance claim.

There may be some value in evaluating the rehabilitation benefits offered by various companies that you wish to compare.

But my personal view is that there are more important things to compare and, if a long-term claimant approached his or her insurer with a proposal that would see them back at work much faster, then the insurer would most likely give the proposal serious consideration at their own expense, irrespective of whether their policy covers rehab. Insurers are usually quite proactive if they can see a way to reduced liability.

Rehab benefits can include education, retraining for a new occupation and a whole host of other means to help get you back to work and off their claims register.

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