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Professional Indemnity Insurance Leads

About Our Professional Indemnity Insurance Leads leads

Before you purchase leads from us, you get comprehensive information to help you determine the value of this service to your business ...

Professional Indemnity insurance leads are generated from our website at

Enquirers are required to complete a short-form questionnaire where they provide contact details and basic information about their PI insurance needs.

The nature of PI insurance makes it impractical to collect sufficient data in our online forms to enable quoting without contacting the applicant first.

Sample Professional Indemnity Insurance Leads leads

Below is a live snapshot of the most recent Professional Indemnity Insurance Leads generated from our websites.

Much of the data normally provided with these leads is hidden for privacy purposes.

1st Sep 2021
Name: Harriette (full name, entity name, phone numbers and email address hidden for privacy purposes)
Business Activity: The business is called Cloudy Day. It is covered under AFSL regulations. The company is a member of the Australian Financial Complaints Authority Limited. Customers sign up to the application, and notify the application of the total funds they would like to save throughout the year. The app then arranges for a direct debit out of their main bank account to a separate savings account held by the Company. At the clients request the savings can be redirected back to their general account to be spent. However by the funds being held in another account it makes the individual more accountable to save, and have funds there in times of need (ie for a self employed person, there are funds put aside if they need to take time off work). Furthermore, it is a savings / budgeting platform. The direct debited savings are held within a Trust account on behalf of the client. No client funds are touched / reinvested / reallocated. All funds are held on Trust and returned to the client on request.

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